Nizar Hami

Research technician

Addicted to coffee, loves going to the gym and BJJ

Studies drug screening on organoid model systems

Yannik Bollen

PhD candidate

   Cardplayer & armchair philosopher            

Genome editing enthusiast

(shared with L. Terstappen, UT)

Michiel Boekhout


Likes wearing t-shirts, into cycling and cell cycle.

Studies chromosomes using microscopes

Marianne van der Heiden


Travel, hiking & group therapist

Director of paper affairs

Petra van Leenen

Research technician

Tea lover and amateur artist

Likes microscopy and genome editing

Julian Buissant des Amorie

PhD student

Running, cycling, hiking and skiing

Rare cell types

Hugo Snippert

Principle Investigator

Loves US sports statistics (MLB & NFL)

More an explorer than a researcher

Suzanne van der Horst


Loves volleyball and goldsmithing

Studies hypermutation in gastric cancers

Maria Heinz

PhD student

Zoo aficionado and constantly freezing

Eavesdropping on cancer cells’ chit-chat

Bas Ponsioen


                  Linguistic musician                                         

Friends with FRET

Sander Mertens

Research technician

           Everything with two wheels                           

Studies drug screening on CRC organoids

Katarina Balazova

Master student

 Fantasy lover and owner of too many plants

Studies signaling pathways using biosensors

Ingrid Verlaan

Research technician

Volunteer/ Baritonist in Brass band

Director of organoid cultures

Myrna van den Bos

Master student

Duplicated dancing pita bread addict

Studies genetic mistakes during tumor evolution

Joris Hageman

PhD student

Loves music and travelling the world

Studies heterogeneity in early cancer

Maarten Huismans

PhD student

Coffee brewing snob and fermenter of tea 

Brews liver biopsies into organoids

Anica Loos

Bachelor student

  Stargazer and soundtrack enthusiast       

Studies signaling pathways using biosensors

Jeanine Roodhart

Medical oncologist

                      Travel & Foodie                                        

Clinical collaborator

(co-supervisor of Maarten)

Koen Oost


Now postdoc in Liberali lab

Jasmin Post


Business consultancy

Lotte Bruens


Business consultancy