Nature Genetics 2019

Bolhaqueiro ACF*, Ponsioen B*, Bakker B, Klaasen SJ, Kucukkose E, van Jaarsveld RH, Vivié J, Verlaan-Klink I, Hami N, Spierings DCJ, Sasaki N, Dutta D, Boj SF, Vries RGJ, Lansdorp PM, van de Wetering M, van Oudenaarden A, Clevers H, Kranenburg O, Foijer F, Snippert HJG#, Kops GJPL#.

Ongoing chromosomal instability and karyotype evolution in human colorectal cancer organoids.

*Equal contribution

#Corresponding author

Nature Medicine 2019

Kopper O, de Witte CJ*, Lõhmussaar K*, Valle-Inclan JE*, Hami N, Kester L, Balgobind AV, Korving J, Proost N, Begthel H, van Wijk LM, Revilla SA, Theeuwsen R, van de Ven M, van Roosmalen MJ, Ponsioen B, Ho VWH, Neel BG, Bosse T, Gaarenstroom KN, Vrieling H, Vreeswijk MPG, van Diest PJ, Witteveen PO, Jonges T, Bos JL, van Oudenaarden A, Zweemer RP, Snippert HJG, Kloosterman WP, Clevers H.

An organoid platform for ovarian cancer captures intra- and interpatient heterogeneity.

Oncotarget 2019

Post JB, Hami N, Mertens AEE, Elfrink S, Bos JL, Snippert HJG#.

CRISPR-induced RASGAP deficiencies in colorectal cancer organoids reveal that only loss of NF1 promotes resistance to EGFR inhibition.

#Corresponding author

Nucleic Acids Res 2018

Bollen Y, Post J, Koo BK#, Snippert HJG#.

How to create state-of-the-art genetic model systems: strategies for optimal CRISPR-mediated genome editing.

#Corresponding author

Mol Syst Biol 2018

Lindeboom RG*, van Voorthuijsen L*, Oost KC, Rodríguez-Colman MJ, Luna-Velez MV, Furlan C, Baraille F, Jansen PW, Ribeiro A, Burgering BM, Snippert HJ#, Vermeulen M#.

Integrative multi-omics analysis of intestinal organoid differentiation.

*Equal contribution

#Corresponding author

Nat Commun 2018

Huels DJ, Bruens L, Hodder MC, Cammareri P, Campbell AD, Ridgway RA, Gay DM, Solar-Abboud M, Faller WJ, Nixon C, Zeiger LB, McLaughlin ME, Morrissey E, Winton DJ, Snippert HJ, van Rheenen J, Sansom OJ.

Wnt ligands influence tumour initiation by controlling the number of intestinal stem cells.

Cell Rep 2018

Oost KC, van Voorthuijsen L*, Fumagalli A*, Lindeboom RGH*, Sprangers J, Omerzu M, Rodriguez-Colman MJ, Heinz MC, Verlaan-Klink I, Maurice MM, Burgering BMT, van Rheenen J, Vermeulen M, Snippert HJG#.

Specific Labeling of Stem Cell Activity in Human Colorectal Organoids Using an ASCL2-Responsive Minigene.

#Corresponding author

Nat Protoc 2018

Fumagalli A, Suijkerbuijk SJE, Begthel H, Beerling E, Oost KC, Snippert HJ, van Rheenen J, Drost J.

A surgical orthotopic organoid transplantation approach in mice to visualize and study colorectal cancer progression.

Gastroenterology 2017

Bruens L, Ellenbroek SIJ, van Rheenen J#, Snippert HJ#.

In Vivo Imaging Reveals Existence of Crypt Fission and Fusion in Adult Mouse Intestine.

#Corresponding author

Curr Opin Syst Biol 2017

Ponsioen B, Snippert HJ#.

Cancer Systems Biology: Live imaging of intestinal tissue in health and disease.

#Corresponding author

Nature 2017

Rodríguez-Colman MJ, Schewe M, Meerlo M, Stigter E, Gerrits J, Pras-Raves M, Sacchetti A, Hornsveld M, Oost KC, Snippert HJ, Verhoeven-Duif N, Fodde R, Burgering BM.

Interplay between metabolic identities in the intestinal crypt supports stem cell function.

eLIFE 2016

Verissimo CS*, Overmeer RM*, Ponsioen B*, Drost J, Mertens S, Verlaan-Klink I, Gerwen BV, van der Ven M, van de Wetering M, Egan DA, Bernards R, Clevers H, Bos JL, Snippert HJ#.

Targeting mutant RAS in patient-derived colorectal cancer organoids by combinatorial drug screening.

*Equal contribution

#Corresponding author

Nature 2015

Drost J, van Jaarsveld RH*, Ponsioen B*, Zimberlin C*, van Boxtel R, Buijs A, Sachs N, Overmeer RM, Offerhaus GJ, Begthel H, Korving J, van de Wetering M, Schwank G, Logtenberg M, Cuppen E, Snippert HJ, Medema JP, Kops GJ, Clevers H.

Sequential cancer mutations in cultured human intestinal stem cells.

*Equal contribution

Nat Rev Cancer 2014

Vermeulen L# and Snippert HJ#.

Stem cell dynamics in homeostasis and cancer of the intestine.

#Corresponding author

Nature 2014

Ritsma L*, Ellenbroek SI*, Zomer A, Snippert HJ, de Sauvage FJ, Simons BD, Clevers H, van Rheenen J.

Intestinal crypt homeostasis revealed at single-stem-cell level by in vivo live imaging.

*Equal contribution

EMBO Rep 2014

Snippert HJ*#, Schepers AG*, Van Es JH, Simons BD, Clevers H.

Biased competition between Lgr5 intestinal stem cells driven by oncogenic mutation induced clonal expansion.

*Equal contribution

#Corresponding author

Science 2012

Schepers AG*, Snippert HJ*, Stange DE, van den Born M, van Es JH, van de Wetering M, Clevers H.

Lineage tracing reveals Lgr5+ stem cell activity in mouse intestinal adenomas.

*Equal contribution

Nat Protoc 2011

Snippert HJ, Schepers AG, Delconte G, Siersema PD, Clevers H.

Slide preparation for single-cell-resolution imaging of fluorescent proteins in their three-dimensional near-native environment.

EMBO Rep 2011

Snippert HJ and Clevers H.

Tracking adult stem cells.

Nature 2011

Sato T, Van Es JH, Snippert HJ, Stange D, Vries RG, Van den Born M, Barker N, Shroyer NF, Van de Wetering M, Clevers H.

Paneth cells constitute the niche for Lgr5 stem cells in intestinal crypts.

Cell 2010

Snippert HJ, Van der Flier LG, Sato T, Van Es JH, Van den Born M, Kroon-Veenboer C, Barker N, Klein AM, Van Rheenen J, Simons BD, Clevers H.

Intestinal crypt homeostasis results from neutral competition between symmetrically dividing Lgr5 stem cells.

Science 2010

Snippert HJ*, Haegebarth A*, Kasper M, Jaks V, van Es JH, Barker N, van de Wetering M, van den Born M, Begthel H, Vries RG, Stange DE, Toftgård R, Clevers H.

Lgr6 marks stem cells in the hair follicle that generate all cell lineages of the skin.

*Equal contribution

Cell Stem Cell 2010

Barker N*, Huch M*, Kujala P, van de Wetering M, Snippert HJ, van Es JH, Sato T, Stange DE, Begthel H, van den Born M, Danenberg E, van den Brink S, Korving J, Abo A, Peters PJ, Wright N, Poulsom R, Clevers H.

Lgr5(+ve) stem cells drive self-renewal in the stomach and build long-lived gastric units in vitro.

*Equal contribution

Nature 2009

Sato T, Vries RG, Snippert HJ, van de Wetering M, Barker N, Stange DE, van Es JH, Abo A, Kujala P, Peters PJ, Clevers H.

Single Lgr5 stem cells build crypt-villus structures in vitro without a mesenchymal niche.

Gastroenterology 2009

Snippert HJ, van Es JH, van den Born M, Begthel H, Stange DE, Barker N, Clevers H.

Prominin-1/CD133 marks stem cells and early progenitors in mouse small intestine.

Nat Genet 2008

Jaks V*, Barker N*, Kasper M*, van Es JH, Snippert HJ, Clevers H, Toftgård R.

Lgr5 marks cycling, yet long-lived, hair follicle stem cells.

*Equal contribution