Yes, he is different! We welcome the first MD in our group! Maarten will carry out a phase1/2 trial to test a new therapy against KRAS mutant colon cancer. In parallel he will test organoids as companion diagnostics. Maarten will be co-supervised by Jeanine Roodhart, medical oncologist in our hospital.

NWO groot

Hugo is a member of a multidisciplinary research team (AMOLF, NKI, Hubrecht & UMCU) that successfully applied for a NWO groot research grant (~€2,5M). The team will perform functional studies on rare cell types in the gut to delineate their relationship with common diseases like Crohn’s, obesity, infections or irritable Read more…

Review in Trends in Cancer

We wrote a review about the types of oncogenic mutations in the MAPK pathway in colorectal cancer. They are similar but different. Unfortunately, studying them is often comparing apples to oranges. Organoid models and CRISPR genome editing might pave the way…

Marie Curie for Michiel

Michiel was awarded a prestigious Marie Curie research grant to continue his science in our lab after an earlier successful period at MSKCC in NY, USA. Well done! Michiel will study genetic alterations in esophageal adenocarcinoma using patient organoids and high-end imaging.

PhD defense Jasmin Post

Jasmin successfully defended her thesis called ‘Similar but different: Oncogenic MAPK pathway mutations in colorectal cancer’. Jasmin is fully prepared to take on the business world. We wish her all the luck in her career and life.